The force of attraction or repulsion acting from a distance is defined as Magnetism. Magnetic field is generated by the movement of electrically charged particles. It is essential in magnetic objects such as magnet. There are two poles in a magnet- North (N) and South (S) poles. Opposite poles of two magnets will attract each other and each will repel the like pole of the other magnet. Diverse varieties of magnetism lead some magnets to attract and others to repel. Magnetism symbolizes to the attraction of iron and other metals in magnets and electric currents.


  • Path integral formulation
  • Quantum field theory
  • Quantam Electronics
  • Molecular magnetism
  • Electro magnetism
  • Super para magnetism
  • Highly frustrated magnetism
  • Anti ferro magnetism
  • Ferro magnetism
  • Para magnetism

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